DND activation for Aircel mobile

You can stop all the unwanted advertising / commercial calls or messages on your Aircel Mobile from telemarketing, marketing agencies & all others. Subscribe to NCPR – National Customer Preference Registry, which replaced DND.


  1. How to register / activate DND (now NCPR)?
  2. What are the options and preferences available in NCPR?
  3. How to change NCPR preferences?
  4. How to de-register from DND, now NCPR?
  5. How to register complaints?
  6. Key points to remember in DND.

Already NCPR registered, and then check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status.
Not an Aircel customer, choose your mobile operator for DND Activation.

Activating DND (now NCPR) on Aircel mobile
DND can be activated by either SMS or Calling 1909 from your mobile number. 1909 is a toll-free number and Aircel will not charge you for sending SMS or making call to 1909. It takes 7 days for any request to get processed.

NCPR options and preferences
To block unwanted commercial communication, you have two options to choose:

  • Fully blocked
    If you don’t want any commercial communications at all on your mobile, neither as a SMS or voice call, subscribe to fully blocked option.
    Airtel-DND START 0 to 1909
  • Partial blocked
    If you wish you get commercial communications by SMS of your preference and block rest of all, subscribe to partial block option.
    Airtel-DND START X to 1909
    Replace the X with the choice of your below preferences:
    1. Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    4. Health
    5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
    6. Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT
    7. Tourism

    If you like to subscribe for multiple categories, separate the numbers with a comma. i.e., START 2,4,7.

Change your current preferences
It is possible to change your preference. Type STOP X and send SMS to 1909 or call 1909 to stop any current preference, you can remove single preference out of your current multiple preferences.
You can add new preference as well to your current preferences, type
and SMS to 1909 or call 1909.
Replace the X with the preference number.

De-Registration of DND (now NCPR)
De-registration or de-activation of DND will remove all blocks on your mobile number and you will start receiving unsolicited calls / SMS again.
Airtel-DND STOP to 1909

DND Complaint registration process
Complaint registration process for receiving commercial unwanted calls / messages, after NCPR (old DND) subscription.

Key points

  1. DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
  2. Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
  3. There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request or registration for a new request.
  4. 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
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  1. Yogesh Shirke said on

    Thanks …Its Really Helpful..

  2. Prasanna said on

    Hi this is Prasanna. Don’t buy AIRCEL NETWORK. I got very frustrated with the customer support. I have to change other network now. But they don’t relieve me to other network. I’m using this number for past 4 years. If you need to change other network for better offer than AIRCEL, they won’t relieve you and bluff with their answers. I have logged a complaint regarding this already in main AIRCEL store. Complaint number is (1-5508743085) but they have not fixed any issue yet even I was logged the complaint before 10 days. This is the way of customer service in AIRCEL. So I don’t like to be other on this same situation. My mobile number is xxxxxxxxxx (number deleted by TelecomDiary for privacy) (You can call me at any time for further reference)

    • satyam said on

      U r right.. Prasanna..
      I am from kolkata. but now, I am in Chennai(Tamil Nadu)..
      Cennai-aircel customer care, they are talking only “Tamil”. There is no any “Hindi” operates. Even there is not single “English” operates..
      Just think how much “POOR COMPANY” is this…..

    • Sanjay Kumar said on

      Call 1909

    • Completely agreed!! The most disgusting customer care service!! Such frauds. They do not fix issues, deduct credit unfairly and come up with the lamest of excuses! Worst of all the customer care executives are eternally BUSY and lines perennially congested, leave alone the network coverage!

    • karthik g said on

      same here ….. damn idiotic customer care

  3. Sriram said on

    Thanks for the updated information. It helped me a lot.

  4. Mahavir Prasad said on

    Earlier the SMS was START DND, i am sending the same and everytime it is error. Now I got it, when it was changed from START DND to START 0?
    And choosing preference option is good.

  5. Surekha Dhumaskar said on

    kindly deactivate the unwanted messages received to this number 9881457677.

  6. Mohit said on

    Its realy helpful….fed up of unwanted calls..!

  7. darshan said on

    I had register for dnd a month ago for aircel, still I am getting telemarketing messages
    So How can I apply for compensation

  8. nitin said on

    hello……. may i know any charges cut during registration of dnd

  9. mahesh said on

    dear sir
    this is mahesh here my cell no is 9173721100
    i was called 1909 much more time and following IVR introduction but didnt de activation my dnd service so please help me

  10. garima said on

    dear sir/mam,

    i want to activate dnd but i was thinking that on some special days aircel provide free internet usage n they inform this by sending message so by activating dnd i will not be able to receive that message too. kindly help.

  11. noor ansari said on

    helo sir plz activatd dnd Services on my no. 9867580290.

  12. ajay nanwatkar said on

    i hav not activate dnd.there are so much unwanted call from aircel .i want to deactivate all this unwanted call but the sms which is send from way 2 sms is remain activate on my no.
    can you help me for activate dnd
    what msg i hav to send
    kindly rply

  13. Hiren Chakraborty said on

    Ty finally I get rid of the stupid unwanted calls. TY a lot :)

  14. Tushar aher said on

    my dnd active or not

  15. mahesh said on

    helo sir plz activatd dnd Services on my no. 8308698672

  16. rajakumar said on

    Aircell is the worst in terms of unwanted sms and voice calls. i just hate it….tortureing

  17. sooraj said on

    It’s related to dnd. I’ll get unwanted calls from aircel. In a day i’ll get around 10 calls. After disconnecting the call (which is a promotional call like caller tune, romance, jokes, news etc) they ring me with in 1minute. I am frustrated with the promotional calls. I don’t have complaint regarding sms but calls from aircel it’s terrible… Don’t loose your customer by doing this. I Need a solution. I can’t register all option in dnd. Coz i am getting sms alerts from Bank, DTH, GAS CYCLINDER. I don’t want to stop them. I just want to stop calls from aircel.

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Sooraj,

      By subscribing to NCPR (old DND) you will only block unwanted / un solicited / un expecting marketing & promotional calls or messages from all companies.
      But still you will receive SMS or Calls from your DTH, Gas cylinder, Bank or any services you are a customer to them and you are expecting them to end SMS or call you.
      To subscribe to NCPR (old DND), send SMS START 0 to 1909.

  18. Manthan said on


    I want to activate DND on my aircel no. but i would like to receive sms sent to me from net like way2sms, indyarocks etc. pls help.

  19. chinho said on

    message sending failed at 1909…waht do i do?…how do i acivate?

  20. hari said on

    Hi. Telecom dairy team.
    Wit ur help i have activated DND or NCPR. Thanks a lot:-)
    But i hav a small quick quest. ie.im getting msg alerts and calls regarding job which i registered in naukri,monster etc websites.so will it be stopped or ill be getting that?

    i used” START 0″ service code.

    “”Im really fed up of tis bull shit network.really irritating like anything by automated calls for caller tones and other services. added getting add msgs.””

    “anothr note pls DON EVER BUY AIRCEL stupid netw service will be stopped suddenly for 30 mins even if u hav full coverage and u’ll get a msg stating tat u r out of coverage area.


    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Hari,

      Go to your naukri & monster or any accounts where you registered and change account settings to not to receive any promotional calls or sms.
      Unless you do this, you will receive SMS or call, because you have registered with them and authorized to send communication, even you registered with DND.

  21. nungi said on

    i have tried to register for ncpr by sending sms to 1909 but it always failed, is there other way for registering, pl help

  22. ritse14 said on

    Hi, Cn U plz START DND Service in this number 9856152782 . Waitn for your kind reply

  23. sowmi said on

    I want to block one particular number which is aircel…My service provider is airtel. Please help me

  24. sam said on

    will it also block recharge alert msg?

  25. Venkat said on

    I am getting unwanted sms messages. I tried to send “START 0″ to 1909. But it is not blocking. Kindly please block my mobile from unwanted messages. My mobile number is 8686390184.
    Thank you in advance,

  26. Midhun said on

    Dear Sir,

    I activated DND service in earlier days. But after some months ago, i deactivate the service. Because I missed some special offers from aircel. I wish to get special offer from aircel like full talk time on 50rs recharge etc. So i need to know that whether any option to receive only special offers and block all other promotional calls and sms.

    awaiting your reply at the earliest

    - midhun

  27. Chintu said on

    i want to de-register from ncpr.
    pls tell me the process, my number is 9703727473

  28. Vishnu Goel said on

    I wonna know tht even mothly charges do not apply?

  29. Vijay KUmar said on

    thank thank thanks a lot…..thank god…. I escaped from this irritational msgs & calls from aircel for all the time….. just type START 0 & SEND IT TO 1909…..

  30. suresh said on

    My aircel number has been stolen..Can you please disconnect my number…my number is 8802960337

  31. shounak said on

    Aircel really irritates. I used to get atleast 20 calls a day and 50 msgs a day.
    that really disturbing and i had registered for dnd few months ago and from last month again they have started calling. even when i call customer care they do not receive call.
    Aircel is the worst telecom company.

  32. Rengpuia said on

    The thing i hate about aircel is that they will activate any service they want and charges us lots of money in short period of time and we can’t just deactivate those services from our phone(which are possible in most providers like airtel, etc.) and the call rates are very high as compared to others. And they have used many numbers )around 60 to 100) to make annoying phone calls night and day. They’re just annoying

  33. Hannah simon said on

    thanks for this option it was terrible to bare those sms

  34. vijay said on

    Aircel is the worst service provider in india. It has a huge connectivity problem. I have experienced this in New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Kaushambi, and Gurgaon and even in my hometown. No where it was good. Always you send a broken voice from your phone with aricel and there is less talking and more confusion everytime. you get irritated by phone calls due to this connectivity problem. so I suggest to with any service but not with AIRCEL.


    • Soma said on

      I completely agree with this… this is the worst service… there is no coverage anytime, anywhere… weak signal, weak connectivity… you go mad finally…!!!

  35. Jayawanth said on

    I tried sending SMS START 0 to 1909 for stopping all unnecessary SMS (advertisements) coming to my cell# 9095122003, but nothing happened. Still I am receiving unnecessary SMS regarding IPL advertisements & my balance is getting deducted everytime and so far I’ve lost Rs.150/-. Secondly, I called 1909 after 10 days & spoke to the customer care, they said SMS will get stopped within a week, but again no use, again i am receiving useless SMS (especially IPL SMS) and again my balance is getting cut for no reason. Again I’ve lost Rs.30/-. Once I topup, immediately my balance is getting cut within no time. If no action is taken for stopping this useless SMS & unnecessary deductions, I will be left with no option instead to get terminated from AIRCEL service & to go for another subscriber. Appreciate if these kind of inconveniences are stopped immediately.

  36. ajeshpatil said on

    Hi aircel customer service sector. i’m Rajesh i using ur aircel network from last 8 months.
    to be frank its so irriating network and I completely agree with this… this is the worst service… there is no coverage anytime, anywhere… weak signal, weak connectivity… you go mad finally…!!!
    what a big joke in main city panjagutta near yashoda hospital their is no network wt a big shame bullshit. i done my big mistake is changing the network from VODAFONE 2 AIRCEL.
    And one more worst thing is unnecessay messages company messages. its irritates me. plz do fair wit ur network or den i willl do fair.
    i don’t need company messages plz. stop sending messages

    thnks & regd

  37. sreenivas said on

    hi sir,
    i want to block only tatadocomo customer care calls. can you help me how to block those calls???

  38. Alok said on


    Will this also stop the calls and SMS from Aircel. It is very furstating, I am getting more than 10-12 calls and 20-25 SMS daily.
    Earlier I was using a Samsung Phone which gave me facility to blacklist certain numbers which was a great relief. But now I have changed to Nokia and again started receiveng those calls.
    Please let me know if registring to this service will stop all calls and SMS from Aircel.

  39. akash said on

    helo sir plz activatd dnd Services on my no.8559842139.

  40. Mayank said on

    I’am Mayank I just wants to send sms on my dnd actvated mob number from internet then what i will do because when fully dnd is activated I unable to send sms From Internet.
    So tell me more about this


    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Mayank,

      Now you can choose between the categories to block unwanted service and get your desired services.
      You use online services and still block other category unwanted SMS / calls, send SMS START 6 to 1909 from your Aircel mobile number.

  41. syed ali shaan said on

    Simpley i am getting the stupid msg of customer service & call i want to stop that how should i dear always i am getting distrub in my office and while driving…. :(

  42. Ankit Gupta said on

    Hello sir,
    I want to activate DND on my mob. no. 9806869128 bt there is a technical error. so pls activate DND on dis number.

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Ankit,

      DND (now NCPR) will be deactivated by only two means, either send a SMS to 1909 as STOP or call 1909 from your mobile number.
      If not helpful, talk to your customer care.

  43. Manvendr Singh said on

    Thanks a Ton. .

  44. SUBO said on

    how to remove AIRCEL service reply after send the messages? please tell me…….CAN OR CANNOT ?

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Subo,

      If your subscription is pre-paid, the service replies will be there.
      However, check with your customer care for the possibilities to deactivating them.

  45. ROOPENDRA SINGH said on

    THANK FOR TELECOM with your customer care for the possibilities to deactivating

  46. Advaitha vamshi said on

    thanks its very use full

  47. Pooja said on

    Thanks for this info.. Really helpful..

  48. avishek said on

    i have already registered with DND,but i want to receive promotional messages from aircel,how to do that

  49. Nikhil said on

    This is good & realy helpful for me.
    Thank You

  50. Paras Kalra said on

    I Paras Kalra am geting lots of unwanted calls by a number kindly check.The number is 011409580396

  51. PJ said on

    Yeah great..UNWANTED dialer tunes…UNWANTED deductions makes a company like Aircel great.. right?? lol… good job keep the good work n now i am goin for DND should’ve known that earlier..well one more time n ill b goin for idk whom lol..peace hv fun with my Rs 30 ahahaha feed aircel’s call center staffs n executives…

  52. aruna said on

    hi sir, my number is 9976672431 im not receiving messages for the past two days i missed many important messages please help me sir

  53. sachin kadam said on

    it is very helpfull. thanks…..

  54. jesus barretto said on

    Its realy helpful….fed up of unwanted calls..!
    In a day at least 20 calls & messages used to come

  55. manjit singh sohal said on

    kindly deactivate the unwanted messages received to this number 8802278367

  56. akanksha said on

    hi my no is 8679111689 …plz activate DND service on ma no.

  57. Aakif said on

    they are so mean … i messaged them to 1909 and they replied …
    dear customer, sorry. we can not process your request.
    Please try again later.

  58. deepak patel said on

    your are making cutomer fool 1909 is not working for dnd in sms & Dailing it replayed like mentioned [ WE CANT PROCESS YOUR REQUEST PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER]

  59. Mairaj said on

    Sending START 0 to 1909 returns “Dear Customer, Sorry, We can not process your request. Please try again later.” – No matter how many times I try, I receive this reply only.

  60. mubin said on

    I had register for dnd a month ago for aircel, still I am getting aircel messages
    So How can I apply for compensation

  61. Pankaj Arora said on

    Hi aircel customer service sector. i’m Pankaj Arora i using ur aircel network from last few months.
    to be frank its so irriating network and I completely agree with this… this is the worst service… there is no coverage anytime, anywhere… weak signal, weak connectivity… you go mad finally…!!!
    what a big joke in main city Faridabad in NIT Area their is no network wt a big shame bullshit. i done my big mistake is changing the network from VODAFONE 2 AIRCEL.
    And one more worst thing is unnecessay messages company messages. its irritates me. plz do fair wit ur network or den i willl do fair.
    I hve try many times form port Aircel to Oter companies. But you and you empolies are not want to
    i get change.
    kindly request change the my network

    i don’t need company messages plz. stop sending messages

  62. Mairaj said on

    Hello Everyone,

    Its a kind request please support me (and us who are using Aircel and receiving spam) against Aircel’s excessive spam, please follow : https://twitter.com/AircelSpam and Like facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aircel-Spam-Unwanted-SMS-messages/335868083193316

  63. sunil said on

    Worst Network.. idiots.. DONT USE THIS NETWORK..

  64. karthi said on

    how to stop love nest in aircel

  65. Ravi shankar said on

    I am not Receving Way 2 sms. com so i want to activate DND in my aircel How to activate this.Please help me

  66. Phani said on

    Helpfull info , Thank you

  67. madhan said on

    very helpful page !!i now i’m free from disgusting callz….

  68. GANGA said on

    Aircel customer care are totally disgusting and his operator most probably busy i think it is not good for AIRCEL!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. varun said on

    o thnkssss yar . des msges were realy iratatin me a lot frm last many days , thnkssss

  70. arnab said on

    Already registered with complete DND since Nov. 2011. !! However, recently, from a month or so, I ‘m receiving a same and lame msg almost all the time. The frequency is almost 30-40 times a day — “To know about latest & exciting product details please call the toll free number 1288 now.!!” Its creating havoc.. Also, no need to further detail out their customer service, simply a walking disaster !!

  71. \ said on

    I am to much disappointed Aircel service.
    1) From Customer care persons
    2) Network
    3) DND
    4) Net speed
    Never suggest anyone …….

  72. vaibhav said on


  73. Srinivasan said on

    very useful information.

  74. sunil said on

    kindly deactivate the unwanted phone calls received to this number 8896226675

  75. rainy said on

    i have one problem that in my phone the one sceem is activated this sceem is like that in first five days 9 rupees were cut so plz. give me the code to deactvate the sceem plz. help me

  76. Arya said on

    Aircel telecom service is now bringing a test on my patience scale to tolerate the disturbance caused during working hours or even during any break to relax where I receive almost 10-15 calls daily and almost 35 messages advertising on different plans which has same messages being repeated within minutes everyday!!! It’s somehow urging me to end any further use of this service and give a similar comments to my friend circle who may even prefer to use it!
    I am using a prepaid number so kindly give me an option to bring an end to these numerous calls and messages as I have an option to activate any plans or service on my own will, through any online advertisement or a query during a recharge.
    Even on a DND sms to 1909 they sent 15 same msg on conformation that moment itself and an activation date after 10 days! It’s total heights!!! Probably they may carry this scenario for the next 10 days as well. So kindly bring me a solution to this.

  77. Riyas said on

    I’m Riyas. My mobile no. is 7402065816. i have activate DND. but i want to receive sms from Way2sms site. so please help me out. what should i do

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Riyas,

      You can choose Option 6 by sending SMS START 6 to 1909 from your mobile to receive SMS from way2sms.
      However, you will also receive other SMS / calls from other than way2sms websites as well.

  78. shailesh said on

    Thank you :)

  79. ajay kumar said on

    hi my no is 8896340580 (Aircel) …plz activate DND service on ma no.
    thank you

  80. Devinderpaul garg said on

    I want to ask that i will be charged fo dnd on aircel

  81. Nani said on

    Guidance is good and my concerns are resolved.Thanks

  82. Kapil Semwal said on

    I had activated DND for Aircel Mumbai Number +91-976 886 44 64 in 2010. I continuously got 7 calls from Aircel while I was driving on a WE Highway, I thought it may be urger from my mom or family member, so I took the call & met a small accident & shouted on Aircel for the same promotional calls, as my DND was still in process at that period.
    From December 2013, I am again receiving many promotional calls from Aircel & this week I received many promotional SMS’s until today.
    I sent Start 0 to 1909 on 16th March’2014 again just to check, but it showed that my NDND is very well Active on the same number.
    I am not interested in any promotional calls or SMS. So, please assist me in resolving the issue.

    Thanks in anticipation,

    Kapil Semwal Photography®

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Kapil,

      You number is registered with DND since 31/03/2010.
      You can either contact Mr. Shailesh A Mahadik from Aircel @ 9768199010 or register a compliant to resolve this issue.

      • Kapil Semwal said on

        Thank you so much for your support. I had made calls & online complaint on Aircel website, no one to look after or even to bother to reply back. I appreciate your effort & I will try contacting Mr. A Shailesh Mahadik (if he busy) then I will follow the link mentioned by you.

        Kapil Semwal Photography®

      • Kapil Semwal said on

        I tried calling up Mr. Shailesh A Mahadik few a times but he didn’t pick up the call, later his phone came busy & again he didn’t pick up my call. I do not find Aircel employees taking customers & their problems seriously. I have more than 35 Promotional messages in past 3 days from Aircel & more than 10 Promotional calls. Is there some other ways where we can teach such company some lessons so that they value their customers whom they earn so much money from. It is not for free, we all pay only for services & they can’t provide it adequately.
        In 2004 when I went to Dubai, there was no roaming charge for Dubai numbers even when I traveled to Sharjah. But, India, until today, we just talking about Roam Free India, shame on Indian companies & system to bluff on & play around with customers. India will remain developing country for next 50 years more…

  83. Asif said on

    Aircel customer care service is very worst they not responding us when i need some clarification. How can i start dnd activation to stop waste SMS.

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