DND activation for Airtel mobile

You can stop all the unwanted advertising / commercial calls or messages on your Airtel Mobile from telemarketing, marketing agencies & all others. Subscribe to NCPR – National Customer Preference Registry, which replaced DND.


  1. How to register / activate DND (now NCPR)?
  2. What are the options and preferences available in NCPR?
  3. How to change NCPR preferences?
  4. How to de-register from DND, now NCPR?
  5. How to register complaints?
  6. Key points to remember in DND.

Already NCPR registered, and then check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status.
Not an Airtel customer? choose your mobile operator for DND Activation.

Activating DND (now NCPR) on Airtel mobile
DND can be activated by either SMS or Calling 1909 from your mobile number. 1909 is a toll-free number and Airtel will not charge you for sending SMS or making call to 1909. It takes 7 days for any request to get processed.

NCPR options and preferences
To block unwanted commercial communication, you have two options to choose:

  • Fully blocked
    If you don’t want any commercial communications at all on your mobile, neither as a SMS or voice call, subscribe to fully blocked option.
    Airtel-DND START 0 to 1909
  • Partial blocked
    If you wish you get commercial communications by SMS of your preference and block rest of all, subscribe to partial block option.
    Airtel-DND START X to 1909
    Replace the X with the choice of your below preferences:
    1. Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    4. Health
    5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
    6. Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT
    7. Tourism

    If you like to subscribe for multiple categories, separate the numbers with a comma. i.e., START 2,4,7.

Change your current preferences
It is possible to change your preference. Type STOP X and send SMS to 1909 or call 1909 to stop any current preference, you can remove single preference out of your current multiple preferences.
You can add new preference as well to your current preferences, type
and SMS to 1909 or call 1909.
Replace the X with the preference number.

De-Registration of DND (now NCPR)
De-registration or de-activation of DND will remove all blocks on your mobile number and you will start receiving unsolicited calls / SMS again.
Airtel-DND STOP to 1909

DND Complaint registration process
Complaint registration process for receiving commercial unwanted calls / messages, after NCPR (old DND) subscription.

Key points

  1. DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
  2. Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
  3. There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request or registration for a new request.
  4. 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
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  1. JK said on


    Can you please tell me how to de-active DND as some sms sites restrict registering because of DND.

  2. JK said on


  3. SiD said on

    Are there any additional charges tkaen by telecom companies when u activate your DND..something like Rs 15-20at the end of the month…both in prepaid as well as postpaid…

  4. Anantharam K S said on


    I am really thrilled at it. Will be more happy if it really works. Thank you.

  5. SGs said on

    I ve given d command to stop d process in DND for my mob.. Bt is nt working out tat process tell me wat’s the another process to do tat…

    • Hello SGs,

      Normally de-registering DND will take 7 days. If you are not sure whether you sent a wrong SMS to stop DND, try again sending the SMS STOP 0 to 1909.
      Alternatively dial 1909 from your Airtel mobile number.

  6. SGs said on

    i need to de-activate the process

  7. SANTOSH said on

    I am still receiving unwanted promotional / commercial SMS and Calls FROM+911400470113 // LM616139 // LM-616204even after registered for NCPR (my reg,no,S1063344022)
    please stop the calls/sms (except BANK)

  8. aakash sharma said on

    hello sir,,,my name is aakash sharma and number is 09729002747i want to say that….i sended a msg for deactivation dnd….STOP DND TO 1909 after this i sended a msg again……STOP O TO 1909….after this i received a msg…………
    (We have just received a DND de-resistration request for ur number.kindly confirm by replying with STOP 5294 (OPTION). Within 48 hoursto complete the request.)

    what is this…..i cant understand this msg….wht i do reply now????

  9. aakash sharma said on

    plz help me….i cant receive any msg in my mobile from waysms

  10. vikrant said on

    am not able to receive any msgs from my friends wat shall i do plzz help me

  11. vikrant said on

    am not able to receive any msgs from way2sms from my friends plz help me

  12. vasanth said on

    I m an ANDHRA PRADESH,INDIAN AIRTEL customer. my number +919866000258. i wanted to de register the DND service. right now i m out of states, in QATAR. to deactivate, i will get any charges. what i m supposed to deactivate all the DO NOT DISTURB SERVICES
    Plz immediately provide me the solution

    • Hello Vasanth,

      If you are in roaming in Qatar also you can send SMS STOP to 1909 to de-activate Do Not Disturb services on your AP Airtel mobile number. Depends on your tariff plan SMS charges may apply or may not.
      For more information Airtel customer care will help you in de-activating DND.
      Write a mail to them : 121@in.airtel.in

  13. vasanth said on

    I m an ANDHRA PRADESH,INDIAN RELIANCE customer. my number +919014517197. i wanted to de register the DND service. to deactivate, what i m supposed to deactivate all the DO NOT DISTURB SERVICES
    Plz immediately provide me the solution

    • Hello Vasanth,

      It seems you are more interested in linking way2sms website here, rather than asking a genuine question. Please do not spam here. Thanks for visiting TelecomDiary.com.
      If you have real concerns about de-activating DND on your Airtel, read Airtel De-activate DND.

      • vasanth said on

        No Sir the earlier one complaint is regarding my personal number +919866000258. the next complaint the reliance one +919014517197 is my another number, thats why i myself kept complaint for the two numbers sir. we r really facing the problem of sending n receiving the mes . plz provide us solution in deactivating the DO NOT DISTURB SERVICES FOR TWO NUMBERS

        • Hello Vasanth,

          Send SMS STOP to 1909 to de-activate Do Not Disturb services from your both Airtel & Reliance mobile numbers. De-activation of DND will take maximum of 7 days.
          Below contact details of Airtel & Reliance will help you, if you have already sent SMS STOP to 1909 7 days ago and still you are not able to receive messages. You can write a mail or contact them directly or walk-in to their office.

          Mary Varghese
          eMail: mary.varghese@airtel.in
          Bharti Airtel Limited Splendid Towers, Begumpet Police Station, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500 016.

          Naveen Chinappa
          eMail : Naveen.Chinappa@relianceada.com
          4th Floor, Lake Show Towers, Somajiguda, Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad, 5000082.

  14. Sampath said on

    Airtel keeps sending messages, even i registered for DND.

  15. Saikiran said on

    After sending an SMS like STOP 0 to 1909, I got a reply “We have just received a DND de-registration request for your number. Kindly confirm by replying with STOP 2775 (OPTION). within 48 hrs to complete the request.”
    Here i am unable to proceed further.
    Kinldy help.


    • Hello Saikiran,

      Reply with SMS STOP 2775 0 to fully block all the unwanted messages or call on your Airtel mobile.
      0 represents the preference option in NCPR (old DND), for other option refer the above article for DND registration.

      • Sanjay Agarwal said on

        I hink you are providing wrong information here.
        Because if the user sends STOP 0 it means he will start receiving all the messages rather as you have written tha he will block all.
        Please correct.

        • Telecom Diary said on

          Hello Sanjay,

          DND activation will stop all unwanted SMS / calls on your mobile : Send START 0 to 1909 for activation.
          If already registered for DND and want to start receiving all SMS / calls on your mobile : Send STOP 0 to 1909 for de-activation.

  16. Durgapraveen said on

    I gave a dnd de-registration request how many days it take to de register.

  17. vaishali said on

    i wanted to activate DND service but how can i activate if i want to receive msgs of way2sms n bank…

  18. ajit said on

    my numer is 9973581961 plz stop dnd for i recieve sms and call

  19. renu said on

    hello sir, im not getting msgs from way2ms…………. so i want to deactivate DND service….. i sent STOP 0 to 1909, then i got reply ” We have just received a DND de-registration request for your number. Kindly confirm by replying with STOP 3099 (OPTION). within 48 hrs to complete the request”…. then i sent STOP 3099(0),,,,,,,, then i got msg “dear customer we are unable to process your request.please validate keywords and submit again”
    wt should i do sir, please help me sir,,,,,,,,,,
    i neeed to deactivate this service,………… its very urgent

    • Hello Renu,

      Send SMS STOP 3099 0 as reply.
      Also, you can send SMS START 6 to 1909 from your Airtel mobile number to start receiving SMS online, without deactivating NCPR (old DND) completely.

      • renu said on

        i sent START 6 to 1909, then i got registration number(S1067504006), wt should i do with registration number…….

        • Hello Renu,

          Your request for receiving online SMS was accepted by Airtel and the above is registration number for the same. After 7 days, if you still have any issues talk to Airtel Customer care by quoting the above registration number.

  20. jyo said on

    i cant send sms to my friend through indyarocks. It shows ‘ This message cannot be sent to the mobile (xxx) as it is in the National DND registry ‘.
    What to do??

  21. bheem said on

    hi Guys,

    when i send a START 6 to 1909 ,i got reply saying , u have not registered DNB.

    But i am not receiving any sms from any SMS site, please help me how to get SMS from sms sites

    Thanks in advance

  22. bheem said on

    guys please help me ?


  23. Aditya upadhyay said on

    How to de-activate airtel dnd complete.

  24. ankur jain said on

    humne apna number airtel se docomo me port karaya hai humare number par pehle dnd activate thi abhi hume docomo ka new sim mila hai but hume koi bhi sms recive nahi ho rahe hai humne docomo c care me call ki to wo bolte hai ki dnd activate nahi hai hum kya kare

  25. CHANDAN said on


  26. CHANDAN said on


  27. K.S.Sundaram said on

    My mobile number is 9663703858. A month back I complained to airtel authorities that I am getting unsolicited messages and money is being deducted from my prepaid amount. Infact more than Rs 100 I lost due to the messages. I requested the airtel company that I don’t receive unsolicited calls/messages. But still I am getting it. My registration number is W1057927855. Pl ensure that I don’t lose money due to these unwanted messages, Help me please. otherwise, I should look for other telecom company-K.S.Sundaram

  28. sudheendra said on

    i sent sms for deactivate dnd, 1st i sent STOP 0 TO 1909,recvd reply as we hav just recvd a DND deregistration request for your no,kindly confirmby replying with STOP 1559(option) within 48 hrs to complete the request. then i replyd STOP 1559, again recvd masg as”dear custmer we are unable to process ur request.please validate keyword and submit again or call our DND IVR1909 for assistance. I called 1909 also they told to press 0 to deregister dnd, but still am not able to de regidter DND

  29. Jeet Gandhecha said on

    Can’t we block unwanted calls?

  30. Spark said on

    I am a airtel customer. I want to Deactivate DND. I just Send the SMS as STOP 0 to 1909. But still it is activate. there i no use while calling to Customer Care. Please do the needfull

  31. bhadresh b shah said on

    last year i have apply for dnd service now can you please activate same for that what should i do ? give me mail at above id

    my mobile no: 9998805710
    name : bhadresh b shah
    email : mayabhadresh@gmail.com

  32. Shanmugarajan said on


    Today I registered to activate DND for my Tamilnadu Airtel no by selecting all categories/options. Is this affect the essential banking purpose SMS like OTP, account balance, etc., too ?? which we registered already with the banks to know the account updates, debits, credits, registering payees on the account purposes ??

    • Hello Shanmugarajan,

      By activating DND (now NCPR) on your Airtel mobile number, only unsolicited messages / calls will be blocked. Solicited SMS like banking alerts, OTP will be delivered as normal.

      • Shanmugarajan said on

        Its nice, I was struggled more with atleast 5-7 unwanted promotional calls & 10-15 SMS per day during driving, meetings, sleeping, etc.,

        Cool Thanks & Great Escape !

  33. shanu said on

    i want to unsubscribe from airtel DND totally & want to receive all promotional calls & sms
    tell me how is this possible

  34. VIJAYAKUMAR said on

    i hv activated DND. Now i like to receive sms alert from my gmail id. since i already registered dnd i could not receive the alert mail. what should i do pls

  35. srinivasulu said on

    i want to unsubscribe from airtel DND totally & want to receive all promotional calls & sms
    tell me how is this possible

  36. kamlesh said on

    I am registered at DND but don’t know my NCPR number. How do i get it?

  37. nazeer said on

    sir iam activated dnd service.i want to deactivate it.i send stop 0 to 1909,it replys send stop xxxx(option) to 1909.what i do now

  38. mukesh sharma said on

    plz my no. 8003447076 dnd activate

  39. rahul panwar said on

    i have registered in dnd services but i want some recieve some messages how can i can activate it again

  40. Anubhav said on

    I received the message but it is telling that they are unable to process my request.
    I don’t know why they are doing so?

  41. Pragnesh Parmar said on

    i have already registered my number for DND service.but even i got the msges from airtel group what should i do now?i registered before 1 year ago even i got lots of msgs from airtel group…give me solution pls….

  42. vijay kumar said on

    i tried all the above process but no use of it, and even i tried through customer service but they are not giving correct information and they were making delay.

    when i tried from my mobile the msg came like…

    “Dear customer we are unable to process your request. please validate the keyword and submit again.”

    please suggest me as soon as possible

    thank you

  43. Abhishek Yadav said on

    I am just fed up by this dnd registry. I had registered myself for dnd service long back and now i want to de-activate it but i can’t do …. Please help….. The customer care service just confuses me. They give different answers every time i call them for help…..

  44. atul said on

    how to stop THIS DND. IDOD

  45. Ashok Pradhan said on

    Dear sir,
    My number 9004789300 of airtel service provider has been registered in DND by itself which i am myself not aware how it happened. i hereby request you to remove my number from DND list.

    Ashok Pradhan

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Ashok,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your airtel mobile number to deactivate DND (now NCPR) or call 1909.

      • Ashok Pradhan said on

        I tried but it didnt worked. when i wrote STOP and send to 1909 it said “dear customer we are unable to process your request. please validate the keyword and submit again.”

  46. vikash Kumar said on

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909″

  47. KAMAL VERMA said on

    मेरे मोबाइल नबर 9462578500 पर डीएनडी होने पर भी एयरटेल से कॉल मेसेज आ रहे हे कोई सुनने वाला नहीं हे क्या मुझे वापस अपना नंबर किसी ओर मे पोर्ट करना होगा

  48. vishal said on

    Dear Sir,

    If we change the Service Provider ie. From Vodafone to Tata Ducomo, will it affect the services of getting alerts from Banks where the number is registered. pls reply immediately.

  49. kumar said on


  50. utpal said on

    hello sir,
    I activated DND, but, bcoz of this I cant getting mail alert sms frm way2sms .I want to get only sms alert , keeping the DND service, is it possible? pls give me a solution.

  51. Sunil Kumar said on

    मेरे मोबाइल नबर 9896530074 पर डीएनडी होने पर भी एयरटेल से कॉल मेसेज आ रहे हे कोई सुनने वाला नहीं हे क्या मुझे वापस अपना नंबर किसी ओर मे पोर्ट करना होगा

  52. mary alex josephine said on

    To de-activate DND on your Airtel mobile, send SMS STOP 0 to 1909. this number 9789742321

  53. neema said on

    sir in my airtel mob. no. 9793422082 which is DND activated but now i want to active to receiving sms . but there is broblem my mob. is not here. are its possible whithout it can active

  54. Nishi said on

    I sent stop 0 to 1909 … I got this reply Namaste! Please text STOP 0 to 1909 within 48 hours to reconfirm your NDNC deregistration request for airtel mobile.and when i resent the msg ie stop 0 to 1909 i am getting the same message.. My number is not deregistering from dnd. Plz help

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Nishi,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your Airtel mobile to deactivate DND (now NCPR). Ensure the SMS is in full capitals.

      • s said on

        Sir, I have the same problem “I sent stop 0 to 1909 … I got this reply Namaste! Please text STOP 0 to 1909 within 48 hours to reconfirm your NDNC deregistration request for airtel mobile.and when i resent the msg ie stop 0 to 1909 i am getting the same message.. My number is not deregistering from dnd. Plz help” my number is 9597323858

  55. sami said on

    how to activate DND?
    are you sure its going to work?

  56. jareesh said on

    i cant sent any message to my Airtel number from 160 by 2.com and smsgupshup.com even am not registered with DND…what i wanna do????

  57. Ramana said on

    Dear Team,
    I do not want to receive any kind of promotional / unwanted commercial calls or messages except messages from Way2sms.com and 160by2. Pls let me know what I need to do.

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Ramana,

      NCPR (old DND) offers you 7 categories of communications to choose from, one of them is “Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT”, where way2sms & 160by2 falls under.
      If you wish to receive calls / messages from above websites, you will get promotional calls / messages from other websites / companies also.

  58. siva kumar said on

    hai sir iam not getting any calls and messages from airtel custamercare and also google alerts…… so plzz solve this problem,,my mobile numer is 9000887904

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Siva,

      Your mobile number 9000887904 is subscribed to NCPR (old DND), to receive all sms / calls, send SMS STOP to 1909.
      If you want to receive only Google alerts, send SMS dndoff to 9870807070 from your mobile number registered with Google to start receiving SMS from Google.

      • siva kumar said on

        sir am sending message from my mobile STOP to 1909 but,i will recevie message…….hey there ! we are unable to process the requst for your airtel mobile.please text the correct keyword or call 1909 for help…..sir plzz solve my problem i want all calls and messges….messages are very importent for me……

  59. maruti said on

    pls de-activet DND my mobile no 9970444434

  60. Pallavi said on

    Please lemmi know how can I allow some of the company massages to my airtel number to which I have recently deactivated DND. The status reads as unsubsribed from DND services but yet am not able to get my company massages thru foosms service. Please help.

  61. Jithesh said on

    How to deactivate Airtel DND by online because am not getting any sms from banking and Airtel side Like OTP ( one time Password ) i registered the complaint they says my number in DND registed . But i have one postpaid thats also in DND getting sms and my prepaid number in international roaming not getting the sms . from August 2012 onwards ..

  62. RUTURAJ said on

    STOP DND MY MO.NO. 9860984768

  63. Manthakalai said on

    I want to deactivate DND (NCPR) i send SMS Stop 0 to 1909 then they send SMS to me 4 degit number then i resend SMS STOP **** 0 to 1909 and they took complaint from me on 30-12-2012 but still now am not getting sms from Like: way2sms, 160by2…etc…My complaint Reference number is S1159419675…Now i checked through http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregistry/search.misc and showing my number status

    The number is registered in NCPR Activation Date is 04-01-2013 11:10 Your Preference is 0

    Preference History
    Preference Date Preference Status
    04-01-2013 0 Active
    04-01-2013 0 Active
    08-12-2011 6 Active

    Please help me what i should do next

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Manthakalai,

      You should wait for some more days, as any DND (now NCPR) request will take 7 days to get it processed and you have given request on just 30/12/12.

  64. Pankul Baijal said on

    My Phone is now Fully DND Activation and I want to Convert it to Partially than what is the easiest way to get this service

  65. Dinesh said on

    Hello Folks,

    Can any one tel me what would be the penalty for those call my no when i’m still under DND.

  66. bharat singh said on

    thank you for information DND in simple way ……………………i like it …and start my DND service

  67. Rashid Shaikh said on

    pls deactivate my dnd no.. 9662891465

  68. subham todi said on

    they will de activate in 7 days Are there any way to deactivate fast

  69. khaja moinuddin said on

    hello dear sir plz stop flash massage plz
    my cell num, is 9550855303

  70. sai said on

    sir im college student i shuld not get msg from my college in my mobile .they are sending msgs from online

  71. bharani said on

    sir iam not geting sms from some numbers .i have not subscribed to dnd

  72. VISWANADH said on

    I have registered for fully DND. But I am unable to receive messages from my daughter’s school, the id is BP ATKINS.

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Viswanadh,

      Those school update fall under online communication and you need to choose your NCPR / DND preference 6 by sending SMS START 6 to 1909 or call 1909 to receive those updates.
      But, note that, you will also start receiving online communications from sites or SMS updates as well

  73. Gurpreet Saini said on


  74. sathish said on

    How can stop Airtel live message ?

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