DND activation for Idea mobile

You can stop all the unwanted advertising / commercial calls or messages on your Idea Mobile from telemarketing, marketing agencies & all others. Subscribe to NCPR – National Customer Preference Registry, which replaced DND.


  1. How to register / activate DND (now NCPR)?
  2. What are the options and preferences available in NCPR?
  3. How to change NCPR preferences?
  4. How to de-register from DND, now NCPR?
  5. How to register complaints?
  6. Key points to remember in DND.

Already NCPR registered, and then check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status.
Not an Idea customer? choose your mobile operator for DND Activation.

Activating DND (now NCPR) on Idea mobile
DND can be activated by either SMS or Calling 1909 from your mobile number. 1909 is a toll-free number and Idea will not charge you for sending SMS or making call to 1909. It takes 7 days for any request to get processed.

NCPR options and preferences
To block unwanted commercial communication, you have two options to choose:

  • Fully blocked
    If you don’t want any commercial communications at all on your mobile, neither as a SMS or voice call, subscribe to fully blocked option.
    Airtel-DND START 0 to 1909
  • Partial blocked
    If you wish you get commercial communications by SMS of your preference and block rest of all, subscribe to partial block option.
    Airtel-DND START X to 1909
    Replace the X with the choice of your below preferences:
    1. Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    4. Health
    5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
    6. Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT
    7. Tourism

    If you like to subscribe for multiple categories, separate the numbers with a comma. i.e., START 2,4,7.

Change your current preferences
It is possible to change your preference. Type STOP X and send SMS to 1909 or call 1909 to stop any current preference, you can remove single preference out of your current multiple preferences.
You can add new preference as well to your current preferences, type
and SMS to 1909 or call 1909.
Replace the X with the preference number.

De-Registration of DND (now NCPR)
De-registration or de-activation of DND will remove all blocks on your mobile number and you will start receiving unsolicited calls / SMS again.
Airtel-DND STOP to 1909

DND Complaint registration process
Complaint registration process for receiving commercial unwanted calls / messages, after NCPR (old DND) subscription.

Key points

  1. DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
  2. Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
  3. There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request or registration for a new request.
  4. 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
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  1. kuldip said on

    plz help me out, i am fed up with all these falut adds of plot, traffic update, etc messages….what to do…plz reply…

  2. amardeep said on

    first of all please checked your website services if is running properly?
    At these website u r describe http://www.ideacellular.com/IDEA.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=IDEA_Page_DoNotDisturb. But it didn’t work so please stop services like this which is not started and work properly.

    • Dear Amardeep,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      The link is valid, but problem is with IdeaCellular website. Kindly check after sometime.
      Try visiting http://www.ideacellular.com , it is their homepage. They have some technical issues.

      At TelecomDiary.com, we always try to give the best possible & accurate information to our visitors.
      Thanks for visiting and visit again.

      • Dear Amardeep,

        If you are prepaid customer, try this link. http://goo.gl/V29IB
        If you are a postpaid customer, wait till that link works or write to Idea Cellular customer care ccare.ap@idea.adityabirla.com.
        As an option to register or de-register DND services call to toll free number 1909 from your Idea Cellular.
        To register send START DND or de-register send STOP DND as sms to 1909 from your idea cellular mobile.

        Hope this information helps you.

    • Murthy said on

      Amardeep, the link was not working these days as idea website is having some issues. try another alternative for dnd as calling or sending sms to 1909. i found this website useful and good information.

  3. Namrata said on

    Activate DND

  4. Nakash said on

    Send START 0 to 1909 .. …

  5. apoorva said on

    hi..please help me…i am not able to get sms from the free smsing sites…i want to get them..i sent a msge stop dn to 1909 but it is not valid or smthng plz reply tnx..

  6. sameer said on

    1) As am a registered DND ,I use to receive sms from services like Bank balance, Flight delayed information, doctors sms as your reports are ready , car servicing done and ready for delivery etc.
    but from yesterday all sms have been stopped.
    is there any facility which divides sms into 2 categories,
    1)Informative sms / Service sms
    2) Marketing SMS

    please let me know

    • Hi Sameer,

      There are two types of messages. Solicited and Unsolicited.

      In Solicited messages are pull messages, you expect them, i.e., Bank balance, withdrawal, deposit, IRCTC, Flight details an from your doctor. You subscribe the.

      Unsolicited, where they are push messages, you don’t expect them, but people send them to promote their brands and sell products. You can stop totally or partially this kind of messages by subscribing to NCPR (old DND)

      Even you register with NCPR, your bankers and doctors can still send messages to you.

  7. sameer said on

    thanks for the reply ,
    Now my question is
    as I am old DND registered, and all sms been stopped,
    how to enter or subscribe Solicited messages ?

  8. sameer said on

    but this is not the case
    all banks , brokers are saying that i have to de register my number from DND otherwise i will not receive the sms

    and thats true! i am not receiving any messages
    so I would like to open all sms in solicited category
    please help

  9. Ritesh Bhatia said on

    My number is register in DND but i am still receiving SMS from Telemarketing what to do. Please tell

    Mobile Number:-9990142044 (IDEA)

  10. Raja said on

    How to add a vendor to the Solicited list of messages?

    For example: I expect messages from a Shopping Mall that I regularly visit. I don’t want to receive messages from any other Shopping Malls.

    Could you please tell, how can this be achieved ?

  11. MZHR said on


  12. MZHR said on

    my no 9723677487

  13. rohit said on


  14. mohsin said on

    7860821308 dnd activate

  15. amitha said on

    hi, i have deactivated DND, how many days it take to deactivate.
    i need only msg from free msg websites so now how to activate it tat, rather then deactivated full DND
    reply to this sir

    • Hello Amitha,

      It takes 7 days to deactivation DND on your Idea mobile number upon your request.
      To start receiving messages from Free SMS websites, send SMS START 6 to 1909 from your Idea mobile number after 7 days.

  16. Akhilesh said on

    hi, my DND is active but customar says that is not active, pls help meb e

  17. DJ said on


    I have de activated this service with START 0 option. So now will I be able to receive SMS from my Company which they send me on daily basis for some reporting purpose.
    If not then what should I have to enable to do that.


  18. Manoj kumar singh said on

    Sir/Madam my self Manoj kumar singh (Jharkhand) 09576115531, I want to activte
    DO NOT DISTURB in my number as soon as possible.
    Kindly request to you PLESE grant my application.

    Thanking For You.
    Manoj Kumar Singh
    C.M.P.D.I.Ltd,Nts Barkakana (Jharkhand)
    Mobile No:-91+9576115531

  19. DJ said on


    Thanks for your reply. My company is in IT company. I am not too sure which mode they use to send the SMS however they all send the SMS for our Pickup with the details of the CAB and drivers.
    Does the mode really matters in this.


  20. dINESH said on


  21. pooja said on

    activate do not disturb service on my mobile no. 9763808304

  22. Vishnu said on

    I am using IDEA no.I need to receive all the online(internet) free sms to
    my mobile regard job relevants like from Naukri,Monster,Times,Bayt etc…

    what are the steps I have to follow to receive those sms fromonline to my mobile.(9789591778)

  23. Vishnu said on

    I dont understand.Pls check my number has activated or not activated with DND. At an earlier, I have already send the sms START 6 to 1909. But still i could not receive any sms from online. How many days (START 6) option will perform to receive sms from online.

    What can I do for that? Kindly mention me a detail explanation.

  24. satti said on

    If you are a Idea customer, dont send sms to 1909, they are charging 5 Rs. however you can make a call as it is toll free. I dont know how Idea is charging for the SMS, its unfair. With around 98 million users, lets say 50million people send SMS while others use toll free call, Idea will generate a reveue of 250 million rupees=25,00,00,000 = a whoopping 25 Crore rupees !!!.

    This is really unfair on part of Idea.

  25. ROOP said on


    • Hello Roop,

      Have you subscribed for DND?

    • kriskini said on

      Hi Roop, same case here – receiving a lot of these silly promo calls throughout the day, and sometimes at night too. It is surprising that in this “I T” India and with so many brilliant brains around, these people have only one ‘fit-all-sizes” ( read “fit all queries”) answer, – “SMS START 0 to 1909″ to just block everything! I dont think it is difficult to program the servers to selectively block all calls – like ‘starting with eg. 914010…’ or SMS s originating from certain numbers. But they dont want to, since there is big money in ad pushing. Money first, service, well, uh uh…

  26. choudharipp said on

    plez tell me how to activate dnd

  27. Jazmyne Gonsalves said on

    it very annoying please deactivte this

  28. pratap said on

    i am not getting gmail secured code for my mobile after activating dnd..how to get them…!!.

  29. Ravi said on

    i am an idea subscriber.i want to block only calls bunt not sms.how to activate dnd for this purpose?

  30. Abhishek said on

    Document has been selected from this no..8726809798

  31. mohan said on

    pls start don’t disturbe service on 8959781082

  32. SHASHANK said on

    can i stop the mobile banking wid d help of DND???

  33. sandeep Choudhary said on

    please activate DND in my mobile


  34. Kishan said on

    I want to stop receiving …. IZ-612345 messages…
    (Free Bike Jeetne ke liye Dial *123*3# ….etc)
    Please tell me how to do this

  35. activeted DND service but we have gated services massages said on

    Dear sir,
    This is inform to you that i have also activated DND service but we have gated services massages and still without requirement we have service massages so kindly stop all information services emergtly .


    amit nag

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Amit,

      To stop getting service messages, depends on your mobile setting, you have to search for services messages on/off option.
      Just choose OFF to stop service messages.

      If this is not the information you are looking for, write back.

  36. sanjay kumar Dubey said on

    my Idea prepaid mobile 9507219096 Immdiately D.N.D.S subcribing please

  37. sanjay kumar Dubey said on

    my Idea prepaid mobile no 9507219096 do not disturb service immediately activated

  38. SURJEET MANN said on

    sir i have deactive do not distrub plz help

  39. Aswin said on

    If i use Do Not Disturb in my mobile Will it stop Full Talk time offers and Special Offres?

  40. Amresh Singh said on

    i had just activated DND service and as told its a free toll no: and no charges will be deducted but they deduct from my account.

    please reply and plz provide correct information.


  41. shanu lana said on

    i want to stop sms from a unwanted number can you help me please…….

  42. Randhir Pratap Singh said on

    My Idea prepaid mobile no 9525260222 do not disturb service immediately activated.

    Thanking For You.

  43. Naaz said on

    If I do START 0 then will i still recieve Naukri.com msges?? plz suggest wat to do in this case…i dont want to miss out on msges from Naukri.com but I dont want any other msges or calls coming from Idea

  44. Ammar said on

    Hi, My query is that if I activate DND by sending START 0, then will I receive confirmation messages from the services like say IRCTC, some BANKs, etc.??

  45. Ashok Ronald Datt said on

    I have been regularly complaining idea customer care to deactivate the D mall service from my number 9868481809. On daily basis an amount of rs 2 is deducted. The total loss is more than rs 50. Every time I call the customer care they assure me to deactivate and I receive a sms from ide confirming that the service is deactivated. Again next day the amount of rs 2 is deducted for same service. Deactivate it permanently from my number and return my balance or I will be forced to go to consumer court for further action against idea. My circle is New Delhi.

  46. Hoorie said on

    My service provider IDEA deducts all my balance as soon as i top-up my number 7309389184. When i contact the customer care, it is very difficult to talk to a live person and register my complaint. Several times i have used keywords given in promotional sms to unsubscribe from services like ‘MCI Alternative Day’, ‘Education Word’ and ‘Raam Baan’ etc. which i had never opted for in the first place, but to no avail. This happens even after registering my number with the old DND.
    When i got really bothered by the financial loss, i went to the IDEA office in Lucknow and personally talked to the authorities there. They assured me that it will not happen in the future and then sent me an sms: ‘Your request number 123263199059 has been resolved.’ All the sms and unwanted calls stopped bothering me after that but the amount from my prepaid number still gets deducted whenever i recharge with even a small amount leaving me with zero balance.
    I am really fed up with this and am seriously thinking about opting for MNP, but then think about similar problems from other service providers. Is there any other way to resolve this issue..?

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Hoorie,

      Those are “value added services” which gets activated by default. Call your customer care and ask them to deactivate all value added services on your mobile number.
      From which state you are?

      • Hoorie said on

        I am from Uttar Pradesh. And my circle is UP (East)… got the connection from Lucknow. I have asked the customer care once to deactivate all services, got a confirmation sms but the problem persisted. Then went to the IDEA office as told earlier, but still balance gets dedcuted. Do you think i should lodge my request with the customer care again and then recharge with a small amount to check whether the problem has been resolved or not..?

  47. Pari said on

    Hello sir,

    I dont want to receive msg from a particular number. how can i stop that.


  48. Piyush Shaw said on

    I am fade up of these telemarketing calls and messages and have tried a lot to activate dnd on my no. i.i 9088065989 but its not going through. Is there any way to activate dnd but can get bank calls and messages?

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Piyush,

      By subscribing to NCPR (old DND) the bank SMS / calls will not be blocked.
      Send SMS START 0 to 1909 from your mobile number or call 1909 for NCPR subscription.

  49. pradeep namdev said on

    do not disturb phone calls and sms

    thank & regard’s
    pradeep namdev

  50. Rahul said on

    hello sir ,
    i want to STOP all promotional CALLS only ,in my mobile . But not the sms . so , what option should i choose ?

  51. Damale said on

    Hi I am trying register to DND. I trying online idea site using url [http://www.ideacellular.com/wps/portal/!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjA9MQ0zALczNPvxAzA0-zUAtPAwNLIwMDI_2CbEdFAOlecAg!/?WCM_PORTLET=PC_7_205T5V876ISE10I61KT0T61004000000_WCM&WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/circle_static_lib/static_site/customer_care_sa/prepaid_dnd] Also I tried with sending SMS START 0 to 1909. But I am getting reply as “Your request is not prpcessed as 7 days not comepleted” My SR NO.124380574115. This I have request on 24th May.

  52. bijeshkumar said on

    I already registerd in dnd, i dont want any promotional calls or marketing calls. But after within 3 months i receiving tele callers call of idea coustomer care. How it happens. can i take any legal action against this. Now a days many many marketing team’s tele callers such as educational institutions, idea outlets are calling. i want cmpleatly block such cases. in the roaming time they call me such way and i losing my balance. i want to move legaly towards this. give a correct way to me.

  53. RACHIT JAIN said on


  54. Amaresh said on

    hi….i’m fed up with alerts coming to my mobile from PX-612345…..can u help me out how to deactivate it permanently…

  55. Swati said on

    I have an Idea prepaid sim purchased in Karnataka. I live in Dubai and wish to keep it active for use during my visits to India. Am unable to join Eitisalat or Du networks in the UAE to do so. Are there some setting changes that I need to do to be able to stay on roaming outside India?

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Swathi,

      You should contact Idea customer care to activate international roaming to use your Idea mobile in Dubai, but Idea may ask you to keep some security deposit, however roaming charges may high, if you compare local Du or Etisalat services.
      Also, you can contact Idea customer care to preserve your number for the certain period, while you are in Dubai. If not, Idea may deactivate the number when you are not in their network for more tan 6 months.

  56. Dr. Ashutosh Bajpai said on

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I want to stop unwanted promotional calls and messages on my Idea mobile from telemarketers, advertising agency & etc., Please help me.

    Dr. Ashutosh Bajpai

  57. Amaresh said on

    hi..i got a msg from NDNC as fully blocked with ref.no and have asked to log UCC complaints after 7 days….what does this mean?

  58. raj said on


    my cell has dnd activated on it because of which i can not receive messages from sms websites also like ways2sms etc.

    any alternate for it…..

    thanks in advance…..

  59. sunitha said on

    hw to block unwanted calls from idea i am feedup of this … give customer care no atleast
    even this both no not wrking 12345 & 1909 both no use if i call ( just ask press 1, 2, 3 later if i press later it will get disconnect………… what the service u guys r giving us

  60. Mamta M Lingayat said on

    This is my mobil no 9769913692. I request to you do not distrub

  61. AJAY said on


  62. machindra m bade said on


  63. Vinay said on


  64. Sathya said on

    I tried this a couple months ago and the ad calls and messages stopped. But last week I started getting the same old ad messages. So I’ve to repeat the process once again I guess…

  65. alok said on

    For prepaid connection if you want to activate DND,Please find the link mentioned below.


  66. deepak kumar behera said on

    sir, before some days i had change my network with the sxisting numer (reliance GSM to Idea), but still i get all message from reliance.So please tell me the procedure to stop the unnecessary message from RM.


    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Deepak,

      You can do in two ways.
      1) Call Reliance and tell them that don’t send any further messages, as you have ported to Idea. However, this will stop automatically after few days, once they refresh their database.
      2) Subscribe to NCPR (old DND) by sending SMS START 0 to 1909 from your mobile number, all unwanted commercial messages / calls will be blocked.

  67. Prabhu Maha patro said on

    I am Mahapatro, My mobile number is 9505930096, when ever I am recharging mobile I am losing minimum 8 Rs. towards unnecessary activation charges. Please avoid this.

  68. ram said on

    Hi have activated DND – Start 0 on my IDEA & Vodaphone numbers but I still get promotional / mktg sms & calls which I complained abt to both the service providers. Vodaphone did help but IDEA rep refused to help saying they are pvt companies & IDEA can stop only those sms or calls which are from IDEA.

    I am confused what to do next.

    please suggest

  69. Somen Bhowal said on

    I have registered DND service at NCPR in my mobile No.9085888374 in the month of Sept 2012 but till date Commercial SMS & other add is comming in my mobile which is disturbing me very much. Kindly stop all this un-wanted SMS.

  70. milind sangpal said on

    I have regestered dnd in august 2012, & still receives lots of messages on cricket , i visited idea gallery no. of times but of no use , please help to get out of this.

  71. mohan kharde said on

    I wan to activate DND for mobile no. 9362368242

  72. pappu kumar said on

    mai kam krta hu acank mere me call ata hai or may distorp ho jata hu

  73. bharat singh said on

    thanks for this DND service ……….

  74. suvarna said on

    HI ..
    I AM SUVARNA MY MO NO:-9604331307
    I WANT TO ACTIVATE DND FOR MOBILE NO 8928349066 pls hume is numberse unlimited sms ate rahte he hame ye sms band karne hai.pls help me

  75. eswar said on

    Easy to actvate DND Go to http://www.ideacellular.com and click on customer care Button —> click on Prepaid DND ——> enter your mobile number next you will receiving a MSG and submit—–> you have one open box deactivate all then click on submit this is the easy process

  76. rajendra said on

    Hi have activated DND – Start 0 on my IDEA & Vodaphone numbers but I still get promotional / mktg sms & calls which I complained abt to both the service providers. Vodaphone did help but IDEA rep refused to help saying they are pvt companies & IDEA can stop only those sms or calls which are from IDEA.my vodaphone no 9819990680 & Idea no 9594788938
    pl stop ………
    I am confused what to do next.

    please suggest

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Rajendra,

      DND has been activated on your Idea mobile (9594788938) on 22/04/2013 at 11:09pm only.
      Have you got any promotional calls / SMS’s later that?

  77. Mayank maheshwari said on

    hi ,
    I wanted to know that how are USSD messages affected by DND services ?
    Are even push USSD messages allowed ?
    If some online portal wants to send information through USSD

  78. I had applied for START 0 for my idea no +918421117564 on 7th May 2013 and have got a reply that it will be actioned by 05/07/2013 11:57:01 AM . Does this mean 5th July 2013???

    Does this mean that I will have to throw my idea s/card out and choose some other? Bcos ur home page says it will be processed and done in 7 days.

  79. Easy to actvate DND Go to http://www.ideacellular.com and click on customer care Button —> click on Prepaid DND ——> enter your mobile number next you will receiving a MSG and submit—–> you have one open box deactivate all then click on submit this is the easy process…..

    I tried to use this process to activate DND facility on my UNINOR number ported to IDEA 8421117564……….but I just keep getting a message that the number submitted is not Idea……whereas I have already ported and started using this number, with Idea as my service provider …please help

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Francisco,

      Sometimes, it takes time to get portability update at both operators systems.
      Try calling 1909 or send SMS START 0 to 1909 activate DND.

  80. i have ported my uninor number 8421117564 to idea now i want to activate DND facility on it please help

  81. siddhi said on

    how to stop unwanted number calls??

  82. P. YESANNA said on


  83. kunal said on

    i am kunal from New delhi, My no is 8750574737, daily i received push message from MOTD i want unsubscribe.But there is no number for Unsubscribe. Please Remove this service.

  84. Kushal Desai said on

    I’m Kushal from Maharashtra. My number is 9730477491. Although my number is active in NCPR, I frequently get calls from banks regarding Credit cards, personal loan requirements.
    When I called customer care they said, you’re partially blocked and option 4 – health is active. If you activate fully blocked category, you’ll miss out transactional messages. Is that true ?
    he was nnot ready to take my complaint on this.
    Please advise.

  85. Walter said on

    When I dial 1909 it says number does not exist. Please let me know the right number for registering for DND

  86. Aamir said on

    Want to get rid of MOTD messages. What do i do there is no number to unsubscribe it?

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