DND activation for Reliance mobile

You can stop all the unwanted advertising / commercial calls or messages on your Reliance Mobile from telemarketing, marketing agencies & all others. Subscribe to NCPR – National Customer Preference Registry, which replaced DND.


  1. How to register / activate DND (now NCPR)?
  2. What are the options and preferences available in NCPR?
  3. How to change NCPR preferences?
  4. How to de-register from DND, now NCPR?
  5. How to register complaints?
  6. Key points to remember in DND.

Already NCPR registered, and then check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status.
Not a Reliance customer? choose your mobile operator for DND Activation.

Activating DND (now NCPR) on Reliance mobile
DND can be activated by either SMS or Calling 1909 from your mobile number. 1909 is a toll-free number and Reliance will not charge you for sending SMS or making call to 1909. It takes 7 days for any request to get processed.

NCPR options and preferences
To block unwanted commercial communication, you have two options to choose:

  • Fully blocked
    If you don’t want any commercial communications at all on your mobile, neither as a SMS or voice call, subscribe to fully blocked option.
    Airtel-DND START 0 to 1909
  • Partial blocked
    If you wish you get commercial communications by SMS of your preference and block rest of all, subscribe to partial block option.
    Airtel-DND START X to 1909
    Replace the X with the choice of your below preferences:
    1. Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    4. Health
    5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
    6. Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT
    7. Tourism

    If you like to subscribe for multiple categories, separate the numbers with a comma. i.e., START 2,4,7.

Change your current preferences
It is possible to change your preference. Type STOP X and send SMS to 1909 or call 1909 to stop any current preference, you can remove single preference out of your current multiple preferences.
You can add new preference as well to your current preferences, type
and SMS to 1909 or call 1909.
Replace the X with the preference number.

De-Registration of DND (now NCPR)
De-registration or de-activation of DND will remove all blocks on your mobile number and you will start receiving unsolicited calls / SMS again.
Airtel-DND STOP 0 to 1909

DND Complaint registration process
Complaint registration process for receiving commercial unwanted calls / messages, after NCPR (old DND) subscription.

Key points

  1. DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
  2. Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
  3. There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request or registration for a new request.
  4. 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
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  1. Mahesh said on

    I wnt to de-active DND service on my Number i.e 9778590591…

    Regards, MAHESH

  2. Krishna said on

    i want to stop unwanted calls on reliance sim.. pls suggest me ….

  3. LT COL KK PANDEY said on

    ACTIVATE DND ON MOBILE NO XXXXXXXXXX (Number deleted by TelecomDiary Admin)

    • Dear LT COL KK Pandey,

      Please send SMS START 0 to 1909 from your Reliance mobile or alternatively call 1909 from your Reliance mobile to take Customer care executive assistance in activating DND on your reliance mobile.

  4. deep shikha said on

    I wnt to de-active DND service on my Number i.e 09015708297

  5. Ajay Nanwatkar said on

    my dnd is already activated but now i want that d msg come from way 2sms should continue but other commercial msg block.

    what i hav to do
    Regard Ajay

  6. U.VASUDEVAN said on

    sir ,

    i am sending message to 1909 but immediate reply is invalied number. i want to stop unwanted message & call from 01409450012.

    my mobile no 9382893179

  7. U.VASUDEVAN said on

    pl.deactivate unwanted SMS & CALL TO MY MOBILE NO.9382893179

  8. swe said on

    sir i hv activated dnd for my mobile n nw i nt getting any msg frm my institute but i want msgs from my institute so send a msg to 1909 as START 3 but it is showing me as invalid no wht should i do nw pls help me..

  9. PRAVEEN said on

    I was activated DND 6 months back Now i want receive messages from Banks/financial services.How to deactivate my DND

  10. shashi said on

    sir i have de -register the dnd service….but still it is activeted.. and i dont recev the msgs …..now what should i do??

  11. APARNA said on


  12. Ndas said on

    My reliance phone is registered with DND. But I’m still receiving calls from various telemarketers.
    Here are few of those numbers:
    011-30831902, 49130030, 852779309, 9145236493, 9145178425, 033-32023827, 033-39820340.

    Is there a way to make a complaint against the telemarketer?

    Thanks and regards

  13. Baneet Kumar said on

    Plz Stop my DND service

  14. MD NAZIR said on

    i have activated fully DND on my Airtel & Reliance numbers but the problem is that i am unable to receive sms from online sms sending websites like http://www.sms440.com or http://www.160by2.com etc., it shows error ” DND number.”

    Now, i want to partially activate DND service to receive sms from such sites only,

    Could you tell me which category among the 7 given categories, Should i de-activate to recieve sms from online free sms sending websites like http://www.sms7.in

    tell me the exact DND category in which it falls, because customerCares are not helping,
    they say they exactly don’t know, suggesting me to completely de-activate DND!! which i don’t want!

    please help me!!

  15. Mohd Nazeer said on

    i was on full DND but a week ago, i have fully de-activated DND completely from my Airtel no. 8800322701,
    but online free sms sending websites are still giving error ” DND number ” ?? i am unable to receive sms on this no.
    i am very unhappy!!
    on calling 1909 it says ” you are not registered to DND.
    even i talked to Airtel customer cares, they are saying that ” DND has been removed completely from your number!
    What to do?
    Where to complaint this problem?

  16. Shrayash Gupta said on

    Omg…………………………………. I just sent START 0 to 1909 and i get reply in less then 1 sec. It`s amazing . I tried a lot of times on reliance customer care but it was always busy . Finally I tried internet search and i got this free and amazing trick………………
    Thanks a lot for trick……………………………………………

  17. S K Srivastava said on

    I want to activate dnd service on my reliance mobile but START 0 sms is failing every time. When tried calling 1909 no, it is not getting connected…..every time Check the no voice is available.

  18. Amit Kaushik Advocate said on

    Dear Sir

    I have already registered my number for DND service by dialing 1909 but still i forcefully receiving promotional calls and messages ( Shayeri & Love Tips) from various private sectors and even from reliance. So i politely request you to immediately activate DO NOT DISTURB service at the earliest for that i am highly oblige to you,failing which i shall be bound to initiate legal proceedings against you in the competent court of law and in that eventuality you shall be responsible and liable for entire costs and consequences thereof.

    Amit Kaushik

  19. Neha said on

    How many days it will take to activate?

  20. satheesh said on

    i have registered for START 6 services 3months ago,but i didn’t get any messages of Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT…plz lookafter about it.

    thank you

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Satheesh,

      While you opted for Option 6 does not means, some one has to send the Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT messages / calls. This option will not block the messages, if someone send you messages / calls in that category.
      If above our understanding of your issue is not correct, elaborate further.

  21. Syed said on

    Does START 6 let sms sites like way2sms send me sms?

  22. Prashant said on

    I Dont Think TRAI is at all serious in implementing DND. This 1909 does not work and calling customer service they say they cannot stop numbers out of their Network

    pathetic and regulations is a waste

  23. sonnel said on

    Even after registering,i’m getting SMS and for each rs 2 is deducted from my balance.Reliance is nothing but a cheating company.

  24. Abhishek KR said on

    I want to activate DND for 2,3,4,5,7 and deactivate for 1,6. so, should i sent 2 sms like start 2,3,4,5,7 and stop 1,6 or only one sms is enough.
    and please let me know the details for the Category & Description for those nos. From what is specifed in the wesite is not so clear.

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Abishek,

      We assume, you are currently not activated DND / subscribed to NCPR and wanted to activate DND, while open to receive SMS / calls from categories 2,3,4,5,7 and block 1,6.
      Then send SMS START 2,3,4,5,7 to 1909.

  25. Neha said on

    How to stop calls and messages from reliance?

  26. Devdutt sharma said on

    i want to deactivate DND from my relience delhi no:- 8010060704

  27. sandeep said on

    Dear Reliance mobile,

    I went to stop all unwanted Messages I went to Activate DND My number is 8080332864 from Mumbai.

  28. kumar rtnbbk said on

    reliance mobile is very bad company.every time deduct balance by send sms.sms is like this….you have successfully subscribed to beauty service for 30 days.amount charged for this service is Rs:30.00..many time i call cstmr care but they did`t responsd me..this is a cheater company….

  29. Amit said on


    relience DND service no 1909 is not working, pls tell me another option for activate DND service in my relience mobile.

  30. RISHIKESH said on


  31. Neha said on

    I want to stop all unwanted Messages & call, to Activate DND My number is 7489685026

  32. plz deactivate my DND

  33. hemanta kumar bindhani said on

    I wnt to de-active DND service on my Number i.e 07858851560

  34. shiva said on

    i hav to activate dnd sir in internet how?????

  35. shiv gupta said on

    I have bad experience with relience prepaid .they provides very irritate service and i received a lot of unwanted call towards Relience and many promotional call and I Have face a lot of money deduction for those service which i never use and never register for that .when a service active on your nomber u can not understand.

  36. Mani said on

    1909 is not working. I have a reliance connection. The operator says invalid no. and on sending a msg it says invalid request.

  37. pradeep rawat said on

    sir please start dnd services in my number 8467061417……

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