DND activation for Vodafone mobile

You can stop all the unwanted advertising / commercial calls or messages on your Vodafone Mobile from telemarketing, marketing agencies & all others. Subscribe to NCPR – National Customer Preference Registry, which replaced DND.


  1. How to register / activate DND (now NCPR)?
  2. What are the options and preferences available in NCPR?
  3. How to change NCPR preferences?
  4. How to de-register from DND, now NCPR?
  5. How to register complaints?
  6. Key points to remember in DND.

Already NCPR registered, and then check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status.
Not an Vodafone customer? choose your mobile operator for DND Activation.

Activating DND (now NCPR) on Vodafone mobile
DND can be activated by either SMS or Calling 1909 from your mobile number. 1909 is a toll-free number and Vodafone will not charge you for sending SMS or making call to 1909. It takes 7 days for any request to get processed.

NCPR options and preferences
To block unwanted commercial communication, you have two options to choose:

  • Fully blocked
    If you don’t want any commercial communications at all on your mobile, neither as a SMS or voice call, subscribe to fully blocked option.
    Airtel-DND START 0 to 1909
  • Partial blocked
    If you wish you get commercial communications by SMS of your preference and block rest of all, subscribe to partial block option.
    Airtel-DND START X to 1909
    Replace the X with the choice of your below preferences:
    1. Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    4. Health
    5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
    6. Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT
    7. Tourism

    If you like to subscribe for multiple categories, separate the numbers with a comma. i.e., START 2,4,7.

Change your current preferences
It is possible to change your preference. Type STOP X and send SMS to 1909 or call 1909 to stop any current preference, you can remove single preference out of your current multiple preferences.
You can add new preference as well to your current preferences, type
and SMS to 1909 or call 1909.
Replace the X with the preference number.

De-Registration of DND (now NCPR)
De-registration or de-activation of DND will remove all blocks on your mobile number and you will start receiving unsolicited calls / SMS again.
Airtel-DND STOP to 1909

DND Complaint registration process
Complaint registration process for receiving commercial unwanted calls / messages, after NCPR (old DND) subscription.

Key points

  1. DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
  2. Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
  3. There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request or registration for a new request.
  4. 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
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  1. jeevanajyothi said on

    iam not able to Activate this facility at my vodafone Mobile

  2. pawan kumar tibrewala said on

    i want to stop unwanted service which is being dispalying on my mobile after every 5 minutes .
    my no is 9999340883/9999233115

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Pawan,

      Both of your mobile number are not registered with NCPR (old DND).
      Send SMS START 0 to 1909 from your both mobile numbers to activate DND and stop receiving all unwanted messages / calls.

  3. Dharmesh Patel said on

    sms send so many times still this service is not active pls do something i am fade up with unwanted calls and sms. my number is 9833573234. thankx .

  4. Rahul said on

    How do I stop messages from TD-XX, TA-XX, DM-XX and lot more. Can you confirm whether these come under DND service at Vodafone..??

  5. Shahil said on

    After every 2-3 minutes on my vodafone i receive ” T20 venue update feroz shah kotla is good for batting” for subscribe press ok – (Rs 3)
    how to stop these type of messages ? these are not sms just messages…
    will dnd will stop this?

  6. Ajoy Kumar said on

    In my mobile always light on due to unwanted service sms in every 5minute. A lot of time I have send “START 0″ but the replies come from other end wrong word. I also want to talk in customar care but many times I tried couldnot connect to your customar service executive. I am really fade up with the service. My no 9899680805.

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Ajoy Kumar,

      Try 2 things:- 1) Send SMS START0 to 1909. (without space between START & 0)
      2) Call 1909 and choose to activate DND / subscribe to NCPR.

  7. Prayank Patel said on

    i want to receive educational message. what should i do?what should i type?

  8. Sukanya said on

    is there any monthly charges required for dnd activation

  9. Rehana said on

    I send an sms ” STOP 0″ to 1909 for subscribing to DND SERVICE. But it was not activated.

  10. Saravanan said on

    I have already requested for DOD and its active. but still am getting lot of promotional message from tata photon, LM-Samsung some contest related.

    how to report these?

  11. Joy Ghosh said on

    My phone number 9582040049 is in the DND list for quite a long time now. However, I am still receiving promotional calls everyday. Why is this so?
    I contacted the vodafone cust care. they asked to provide the phn number which I did. then tey asked which company was the message from?? Now, do I write each and every detail of the call when it comes??? Do you expect me to have soo much time and patience to do this??
    This is not fair!!

  12. SANJIB DAS said on

    I alrealdy active DND service , but i think it not yet active from your side . there is lot of business call received form company. Do the need full

  13. Chetan gm said on

    its very useful

  14. sandeep said on

    Thanks a lot it worked for me…

  15. Rajendra choraria said on

    though my mobile no-9830075907 is registered with full DND and also got mail confirmation
    for activation of DND ,but still am getting promotional sms/call, please stop it immediately.

  16. Prof KC Arora said on

    Sorry for the error. I request you to dispaly my following message only.
    ” I want to register for DND for telmarkein companies phones and SMSs. But I want to receive SMSs from banks advising balance in account or transactions done through ATM or credit card. thanks
    Prof KC Arora

  17. Prashant said on

    START0 to 1909 is happening with BSNL but in Vodafone it says message sending failed. can we not send the request online over internet

  18. Saurabh said on

    I tried sending an SMS on 1909 in the correct format but got an error stating – “Error Page. There is some internal error occured in the system. Please try after some time”. For starters, they need to check on the grammar of the message they are sending to the service users. Secondly, I haven’t seen the 1909 service to be functioning since atleast -34 months now. I tried calling 1909 from my Vodafone connection and on selecting the language and selecting 3 to lodge a complaint the IVRS tells me that it is an invalid attempt. It appears no one is serious and DND has become a false hope and a joke. I’m getting 3-4 calls from banks, brokers, educational institutions everyday and it is an utter waste of time. I’m a DND member (fully blocked) since long but haven’t seen any effect.

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Saurabh,

      From which state you are?

      • Saurabh said on


        Delhi/NCR is my region. I tried to send the message in exactly the format that used to work until 4-5 months ago. COMP TEL NO xxxxxxxxxx;dd/mm/yy;hh:mm; short description of unsolicited communication

        4 messages today again fr investment in property, 1 call from a broker asking me for stock investment and 2 calls from HDFC and Standard Chartered for personal loan and home loans respectively. This is the new norm of being bugged that too for a subscriber which is in the fully blocked category since a long time!


  19. JJ said on

    Thanks, i called 1909 , went through the process (by selecting appropriate options) to activate full DNDservice. the recorded voice said that my request has been received and would be processed in 7 working days. now lets see!

  20. SB said on

    If I activate DND by messaging ‘Start 0′ it to 1909, will I stop getting messages from my bank regarding credit and debit etc?

  21. Anthony said on

    I’ve tried registering by sending an sms. Start 0 to 1909.

    I got a reply saying that the process is underway and I will receive a confirmation soon. Ironically, I’ve started receiving more calls and sms from advertisers after I registered. No updates so far from Vodafone.

  22. kundan senapati said on

    my mobile numbers to activate DND and stop all incoming messages

    my no is 09593408950

  23. kundan senapati said on

    though my mobile no-95934089509(vodafone) is registered with full DND and stop all incoming messages please stop it immediately.

  24. ajay said on

    My no 9654333774 i am ajay from delhi mere nambar par daly add.ke phone aate he me driver hoo mughe drive karne me aap ki addvartisement se bahut pareshni hoti he thank you

    • Telecom Diary said on

      Hello Ajay,

      Aapka mobile number 9654333774 DND pe register nahi hua hi.
      Aap aaki mobile se 1909 ko START 0 SMS bhejiye, DND ko register karne keliye.
      Is se aapki mobile par koy bhi advisement ki call / SMS nahi aayega.

  25. indrani roy said on

    hello, i am indrani residing in delhi. i had activated this DND service a long time ago and since then did not receive any telemarketing calls or sms’s. but now for the past 2-3 months i have been receiving unwanted telemrketing sms’s from various numbers. just now received another one from this number-8015284329. i want to know how can i stop these unwanted messages as it wastes a lot of time and energy. and not to mention how bugging they can get.

  26. ashwani said on

    hello, i am ashwani residing in haryana (sirsa) mere no 08930622552 per DND pack laga hua hai me ise deactivate karna chahta hu plzz sujested thanks

  27. vijay kumar yadav said on

    hello, i am vijay from bangalore. i had activated this DND service a long time ago and since then did not receive any telemarketing calls or sms’s. but now for the past one month i have been receiving unwanted telemrketing sms’s from various numbers. just now received another one from this number-9538883726.i already so many time talked with costumer care that people told me, you service deactivated but i received same SMS. My mobile operator vodafone so fun service i want to know how can i stop these unwanted messages as it wastes a lot of time and energy. and not to mention how bugging they can get.

  28. sai chatterji said on

    could you please verify if i DND is activated on my phone Mobile No:9160286426…if yes, i am still getting messages from vodafone..

  29. vikash kumar varanwal said on

    Hello Sir
    I am vikash kumar varanwal (Accounts Manager) of Dream catchers realty serives pvt ltd.I have alrealty Vodafone 25 connection is going on my company name.I want to be Registered all number because some days ago my telle sales number is stop so please issue the contact number or mail id.

  30. Suhani said on

    Hi I want to block a number from sending me SMS, it’s not from a company but some retarded person who is troubling me. Is that possible thru this? & how will I be charged for this?

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Suhani,

      There are two ways:

      1) If you have Smart Phone to use Apps, there are many apps available which blocks specific telephone numbers to call you. Search in your Apps store.
      2) Take help of your local police.

  31. sanju said on

    I did mobile number portability 2 weeks back from airtel to vodafone . i registered to fully blocked category but sometimes i get sms.Also now i am not getting sms from banks regarding credit/debit. Kindly help. As per dnd, banks are not covered in fully blocked category so there should have been no problem.The trai website http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregistry/saveSearchSub.misc shows that my number is registered but in 2007 under fully blocked category and that my service provider is airtel. Kindly help.

    • TelecomDiary said on

      Hello Sanju,

      DND / NCPR will not block solicited (wanted / subscribed) communication like Bank alerts or insurance reminders.
      Kindly check with your bank to ensure that they are delivering your alerts on your mobile number, without fail.
      Also, raise a compliant with your services provider as well.

  32. Sameer said on

    I want to receive promotional messages for low call rates from Vodafone as I used to receive earlier. I have already activated message services but still not getting any such messages now.
    Please help

  33. Bheem siwach said on

    i want to recieve messages From banking & job related Messages From job related sites only but not want to recieve any other calls or messages from vodafone..then what i have to do for this?????

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